India is all about royalty and richness. Whether its traditions and culture, clothing or food, it has always been distinct from other countries. The secret recipes used by our chefs are rare to find. The use of spices makes our dishes extraordinary and stands out.

The Indian cuisine served at Tongi is not only delectable but also exudes a sense of royalty and wealth. The spices utilized here are taken from a high-quality production facility, and they only give you flavorsome experience. Rich spices are used in the preparation of the starters and the main course to give the food a color of taste.

The chefs of BAR AND RESTAURANT EARLSFIELD adhere to the ancient book of recipes while adding a contemporary touch whilst introducing novelty in our delicacies.

Authentic Indian Taste

Staying far from your native land India, we know how much you miss the flavors of Indian spices. Here, at BAR AND RESTAURANT EARLSFIELD , you will only experience the authenticity while you take a tour of our cuisines. We import Indian spices all the way from India and picks only superior quality without making any compromises. In fact, the experienced chefs at Tongi prepare Indian cuisine for bringing the essence of home food and the taste is beyond.

All the way from India

If you are living away from home (India), we are determined to offer you an unusual experience with our selective menu. We have perfection served with deliciousness. Our chefs and sous-chefs ensure to recreate the live essence and the memories you had at the table with your loved ones in India and we understand how much this means to you. Order Indian food online from BAR AND RESTAURANT EARLSFIELD if you miss your native land and it will be delivered right away.

A one-in-all place food plaza

Tongi creates a comprehensive list that includes everything from the starters to main course to cocktails. You will have an unconventional experience at the BAR AND RESTAURANT EARLSFIELD , an Indian multi-cuisine complex. To assist you in choosing the appropriate item from the list, let's look at some of the different food courses. Our unique Banarasi Samosa Chaat is the most popular option among the starters; Dal Makhni and Bhindi Masala being the best options for the main course.

Starters: The first dishes you can order before moving on to the main course are called starters. The most well-liked Indian appetizer is Paneer Tikka, which is served with sumptuous green chutney and onions. Above all, we have Aloo Tikki, Samosa, Bhel Puri, Chole Bhature, a distinctive Punjabi beginning, which is hard to miss. Other popular dishes include Chicken Lollipop, Black pepper Prawn, Tongi Samosa, Grilled Mushroom and Pahadi Kebab.

Main course: , After the starters, the main course is served. Choose from a range of cuisines to treat yourself to a special meal. Some of the most well-liked main courses for non-vegetarians include Butter chicken, and seafood dishes. In addition, the restaurant offers excellent vegan options too include saag paneer, pindi chole, dal makhni, vegetable masala, Bhindi Masala and more

Bottle of celebration

In our exclusive WINE BAR EARLSFIELD, we have the finest level of wines and beers. What could be a more satisfying way to end your meal than to pour yourself a bottle of wine? Here, you may find wine in all varieties, including red and white. The most popular are Baron de Baussac Vlognier from France and Marques de Calado Macabeo from Spain. If you are not a fan of wine, then treat yourself with Beer or champagne of high-quality. Why are you holding out? Order from the top BAR RESTAURANT EARLSFIELD, today, and your food will be delivered right at your doorstep.





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